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The Sopot Hippodrome is a perfect venue to promote companies, brands and services.  Companies that would like to start permament marketing collaboration are most welcome.

Constant promotion every day:

  • Placing Sponsor's advertisments on the premises of the Hippodrome (banners, boards, flags, balloons etc.);
  • Publishing the logo and/or information on the Sponsor on the Internet Site of the Sopot Hippodrome;
  • Publishing the logo and/or information on the Sponsor on the Facebook profile of the Sopot Hippodrome;
  • Sponsor's marketing literature distribution (flyers, brochures, etc.) on the premises of the Hippodrome;
  • The Sopot Hippodrome hosts equestrian competitions of different kind and rank.



The Sopot Hippodrome hosts equestrian competions of different ranks: from regional and national to the biggest and most important international ones. From April until September, competitions in jumping, dressage and eventing are held in the open air. Furthermore, exceptionally attractive for spectators horse races are organized several times in the season at the Hippodrome.

We also organize (or rent the area for) events, which are not connected with equestrianism: concerts, open-air exhibitions, family festivals, picnics, company team-building events, shows, rallies, and events in other sports: soccer matches, nordic walking, yoga, etc.

Events held at the Sopot Hippodrome gather gradually increasing number of visitors. In consequence, the Hippodrome is becoming more and more popular and renowned.  Admittance to all events organized by our company is free. VIP zones are prepared for special guests.

Equestrian events sponsorship benefits:

  • Companies start to understand the benefits of sport sponsorship and treat it as an effective investment;
  • Media coverage of equestrian competitions is constantly growing: papers, radio, TV, Internet websites – both regional and national provide reports from such events;
  • Engagement in equestrianism-related projects shows that a company believes in the principles typically associated with this sport: prestige, elegance, fair play;
  • Races and equestrian competitions constitute a perfect opportunity to have informal business meetings. Such meetings are additionally encouraged by the layout of the Hippodrome – the restaurant, the stands, the stables, vast area.
  • Furthermore, the equestrian competitions gather many different spectators: horse owners, stables owners, trainers, equestrianism aficionados on one hand, and entire families who come to watch the marvelous horses and the beautiful sport in action.  
  • Equestrian events sponsorship constitutes a perfect device to create durable relations with Clients and Partners and helps to promote the image of the company.



Importantly, by the end of 2012 the project entitled 'Restoration of the Historical Hippodrome Complex along with Repairs and Development' will be completed, which will endow the Hippodrome with modern infrastructure.

We will gladly tailor the offered promotion methods to the requirements and specificity of your company.



Let's collaborate!