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Starting from the seventies of the nineteenth century, the area limited on one side by the bordering stream between Sopot and the city of Gdańsk and what is currently known as Polna street on the other, was used by the soldiers of the Black Hussars regiment from Wrzeszcz to organize hunting runs. From 1898, regular horse races (both flat and with obstacles)  took place here. This was when the still existing and functioning spectators' stands, the parimutuel building and the racetrack (its shape remains unchanged until now) were built. Originally the Sopot racecourse functioned seasonally and horses were brought from other places for races only.

In the period between the two World Wars the Sopot racetrack (Sopot was located within the border of the Free City of Gdańsk) became a well-known track of European range. It hosted classic flat races, steeplechase races and international equestrian events. This activity harmoniously melted into the functioning of the city and became one of the main attractions of the sea resort. With perfect track and picturesque location, the Sopot racecourse was very popular in the equestrian world. On the north side the area borders the railway. Further north, behind the railway, beautiful wooded moraine hills can be seen. On the north, not more than 400 metres away, there is a stretch of sea beach. The Bay of Gdańsk can be seen from the level of the stands. This is the only horse racecourse in the world overlooking the sea.

The activity of the Sopot course was interrupted by the Second World War. Directly after the war, in 1945/1946 the complex was used as a base for horses imported within the UNRRA programme.  In 1947 horse races in Sopot were reactivated by the State Horse Racecourses in Warsaw.  They were still of seasonal character. There were around 12 racing days in a season. In such form the Sopot racecourse functioned until 1970.   From the early seventies the horse-breeding authorities in Poland decided to expand their activity by organizing equestrian events basing on the half-bred horses from the studs of the Mazury lake district. The English thoroughbred horse races were discontinued. The steeplechase races of stallions from Kwidzyn and Biały Bór (and – since 1980 – also from Sopot) training stations were kept in the programme. The last race of this kind took place in 1983. Since then, the Sopot racecourse has been gradually converted into a horse training centre.

In November 1994 a sole shareholder company of the State Treasury called HIPODROM SOPOT was created. The complete premises of the Sopot racecourse were included in its capital. In 1999, 100% of the company shares were bought by the City of Sopot.  Horse-racing was reactivated on the area of the Sopot racecourse. Currently, each season a few days' horse racing events are held. Also the international CSI-A jumping competition is back to the hippodrome.

In 2009 the Hippodrome obtained the authorization to organize the International Official CSIO*** Jumping Competition.