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Hipodrome would like to inform the the project is already completed.

We are pleased to informed that on 20 July 2009 the project entitled Revitalisation of the Historical Hippodrome Complex in Sopot along with Repairs and Development was selected by the Management of the Pomorskie Region for subsidy sourced from the European Regional Develpment Fund and the national budget within the Regional Operational Programme for the Pomorskie Region in the years 2007-2013.

General Contractor of this project: NDI SA.

The project encompasses:

  • Expansion of the indoor dressage ground and warm-up arena building:
  • The ground floor will host the Hippodrome administration offices, social lounge and toilets. A conference room will be located next door.
  • Additionally, commercial space for rent has been designed(e.g. Equestrian shop) and external gallery with permanent thematic exhibitions.  Furthermore, the ground-floor will host toilets for guests, employees and disabled persons.
  • A spectators stand with up to 300 seats is to be located on the first floor. It will be accompanied by a cafe and lodgings (15 rooms). A glazed gallery will also give an opportunity to watch equestrian events held on the main racecourse arena.
  • In total, the building was designed to accommodate 700 people.
  • Cubature: approx. 70 091 m3, floor area: approx. 7 271,7m2

  • Amateur Stables – the function of stables for 74 amateur horses (64 full size horses and 10 ponies), saddle room with toilets, indoor warm-up arenaand specially prepared hippotherapy complex. The box stalls dimensions will be 3,5 x 3,05 m. A mezzanine above the stables will be used as storage for hay and straw in bales, and grain silo; Cubature: approx. 24 722,78 m3, floor area: approx. 4 151,6 m2
  • The hippotherapy complex will comprise of a 230 m2 hall, a gymnasium,   locker rooms with toilets and room for trainers.



  • The Professional stables – the function of stables for 112 professional horses with the necessary infrastructure, a roofed warm-up arena, hay and straw storage, and a grain silo; The box stalls will have the dimensions of 4 x 3,5 m. – adjusted to the  FEI requirements (equipped with a solarium, a horse-walker and a washing place).



  • The Historical Judges Stands – the ground floor will host an office, a boiler room, a conference room for 100 people with the necessary sanitary infrastructure and a locker room.  The top floor will host a stand for 160 persons with full glazing and a special compartment for the judges committee and the technical committee;
  • Equestrian Amusement Park – the first in the region, specially prepared area where the Sopot inhabitants of all ages will have a chance to spend some interesting time out of doors. This is going to be an open complex designed for entertainment, integration and education. Visitors will learn about different usage of horses and watch special shows (e.g. Horse soccer). The park will host integration events, country-music concerts, and in the winter – sleight parties with bonfires.



  • Garages and workshops – garages for vehicles necessary to maintain the Hippodrome; additionally, carpenter's and leather workshops with gas boiler-room and an electricity transformer station;  the first floor will host a leisure lounge for the employees;
  • Jockeys Building – designed to provide service for riders before and during the race; comprised of a special judges room for weighing the competitors, a locker room and a leisure room. It will also host sheds, the roofed box stalls for horses before the race.

Area management:

  • 219 parking places for passenger cars, including 5 for disabled persons, have been designed. Additionally, parking places for 13 horse carriers have been assigned next to the stables for the times of equestrian events.
  • The entrance gate at Rybacka street will be locked. The new entrance will be created at Łokietka Street. It will be accompanied by a gatehouse with 24/7 security.
  • The Historical Hippodrome Complex was registered with the Historical Monuments Register of the Pomerania Region with the number  A-1163     on 25.03.1997. The scope of the registration entry does not cover the area where the stables and the indoor dressage arena are located.


The value of the entire project is around 40 million PLN.

The project is financed through the Regional Operational Programme for the Region of Pomerania for the years 2007-2013.

Project termination date: September 2013.



Project financedby the Regional Operational Programme for Pomorskie Voivodeship 2007 - 2013