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|CSIO*** Sopot 2013


  1. The Official International  Jumping Competition CSIO 3* can be seen in Poland only once a year and only at the Sopot Hippodrome at Polna st 1, Sopot
  2. The entrance is for FREE.
  3. To set GPS:  54°25’44.831″N, 18°34’3.647″E 54.42912°N, 18.56768°E
  4. The nearest Airport –LechWalesa Airport, Gdansk(Apx.15 km)
  5. The nearest Train Station – Sopot Wyscigi (Apx.0,5 km), Sopot Glowny ( Apx.2 km)
  6. The nearest International Train Station – GdanskGlowny (Apx.11 km)
  7. COMPETITION ARENA: Dimensions: 50m x 80m Type of Footing: sand
  8. PRACTICE ARENA: Dimensions: 50m x 70m Type of Footing: grass / sand
  9. STABLES: Size of boxes3 mx3 m