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Area Renting

This picturesque, green area with running water and electricity is an attractive place for organizing different events:

  • festivals,
  • concerts,
  • picnics,
  • shows
  • exhibitions,
  • team-building events,
  • and many others.

Hipodrom is located in the heart of Tricity, in Sopot called “the summer capital of Poland”.  Object is very easy to access - by car (we are close to the main street which leads through whole Tricity), by bus (several lines) and by the commuters' train (The Sopot Wyƛcigi station).

Indicative price-list offer for the Hippodrome area renting  is published below:

Number of people Net price per 1-day event*
Up to 100
2.000,00 PLN
Up to 500 6.000,00 PLN
Up to 1000 10.000,00 PLN
Up to 5000 22.000,00 PLN
above 5000 Established individuall

*Listed prices are for renting the area only.  Fees for running water and electricity are established separately, on a flat rate basis or according to the meter readings.

Renting the area of the Hippodrome for the period in excess of one day is subject to individual pricing, which depends on the character of the event, the preparation period and the period required for restoring the Hippodrome to its normal functionality.

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Alicja Kocik
Tel. 58 551 78 96
e-mail: marketing@hipodrom.sopot.pl